Feeding Guidelines

These guidelines apply to all food products in our range, including Nature’s Nest Complete, Softgrain, Wholegrain and Deluxe. It should be adapted to the needs of individual birds.

Bird species referenced below pertains to size, if your parrot species is not mentioned below refer to one closest in size. The following chart is an indication of what food product you should give to your bird.

Our ingredients

At Nature’s Nest we are proud of our all natural range of foods and complimentary supplemental products. No artificial sweeteners or preservatives are used during the manufacturing process.

Type of birdAvian CompleteAvian DeluxeAvian WholegrainAvian Softgrain
Senegal Parrot
African Grey


Volume (per 250ml cup)Per day
Budgie / Cockatiel / Lovebird1/3 cup
Ringneck / Senegal1/2 cup
African Grey / Amazon2/3 cup
Macaw / Large Cockatoo1 cup


Type of birdWeeks
Budgie / Cockatiel / Lovebird4
Ringneck / Senegal3
African Grey / Amazon2
Macaw / Large Cockatoo1

Did you know?

  • The only sweetener used in our food is all natural apple concentrate.
  • All our pellets have added detox granules, which aid in the removal of any paint or metal particles that might be present in the digestive tract of your bird, because, as we all know, they like to chew and nibble on all things.
  • We produce small batches at a time to ensure quality freshness.
  • Our distributors and stockists are nationwide and the list with contact details can easily be found on our website.
  • If, by any chance there are no stockists in your area, we can courier your order directly to your door.
  • Our range of food products freeze well which makes bulk buying possible.
  • Even when buying in bulk the food is packaged in individual 1kg sealed packets ensuring lasting freshness.
  • All our products are exposed to high temperature processing to ensure a healthier product.
  • The freshness of our products and the lack of chemical preservatives may attract weevils. Please ensure that all Nature’s Nest food is stored in an airtight container in a cool dry place. We package all our foods in airtight, re-sealable 1kg packets for longer lasting freshness, even when buying larger quantities like the 10kg option. High humidity can cause all the freshly packed goodness to get mold so correct storage is key!

A little help


A few tips on keeping our products fresh for optimal enjoyment, because, as we all know, temperature and humidity fluctuations can have an effect on many food items!

  • If you prefer to store the food in your own containers make sure they are dry and seal airtight. Using a dry scoop is always recommended.
  • In order to avoid cross contamination, store separately from other food.
  • We all love sunlight, but sealed fresh food items do not. Avoid storage or exposure as the ingredients can get sweaty and cause mold, specially in our warm sunny climate.
  • Storage below 25 degrees Celsius in a dry place is ideal, and a special place in the fridge works great too.
  • Have a look at the expiry dates and overall condition of the packaging. If anything seems to be amiss please notify us or the supplier you purchase from.
  • If your feathered companion prefers dry food check on it regularly and take care not to leave contents in the food bowl for longer than 24 hours.
  • With the preference of wet food, make sure that the food does not stay in the bowl for longer than 12 hours.
  • Take a peek at the food bowl regularly to check for any contamination of water or any of his/her droppings and change if spotted.

Common problems encountered.


Nature’s Nest is a natural product formulated with the minimum preservatives. No chemical preservatives that can be harmful to your bird are used. This is for the benefit of your bird but it also forces us as supplier,and you as bird owner to take good care of the product.

We at Nature’s Nest decided to follow this route and to educate you as bird owner. Adding chemical preservatives to ensure an uncontaminated product is an unacceptable alternative from a veterinary perspective.

The most common problems encountered with the product:
1. Gets exposed to high humidity or gets wet which can cause fungal growth.
2. Weevils – any grain product can easily be contaminated with weevils. Even products such as your breakfast cereal, cake flour etc.

When you encounter any problems with our product, please contact us on our product support number: 086 123 BIRD (2473) or by sending an email to info@naturesnest.co.za where you will be assisted by trained staff.

Remember to ensure a good food for your bird it is Nature’s Nest‘s and your responsibility BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT!

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