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To be a bird owner is a big responsibility.  Our avian companions depend on us for every aspect of their care and well-being – from the physical to the psychological.

Baths or showers are an essential component of basic bird care.  Whether it is to clean feathers, encourage grooming, provide relief for dry skin, prevent or discourage feather-damaging behavior or simply for sheer enjoyment of it.

Showers or baths can play a first-aid role as well.  If you suspect a pin feather, wish to provide relief for a wound or injury or simply to evaluate the alertness of a suspiciously inactive bird – then showering or bathing can be useful as a way to evaluate the level of seriousness before you consult with your bird vet.

Just keep in mind to always provide a draft-free environment and have a warm heating source or lamp available in the room for when the showering or bathing time is over.

Various techniques can be used when bathing birds indoors.  You can use a baby-sized bath tub with a 2.5 cm of water in it, bathing or showering the bird directly in or over the sink with the faucet running or simply waterproof the walls adjacent to your bird’s perch and mist the bird with a spray bottle.  If your bird prefers to bathe on its own, there are many types of bird baths available on the market which can be fitted onto the cage.

If you prefer to spray your bird with a spray bottle, just keep in mind to clean the bottle frequently.  Bacteria can build up inside the bottle so don’t keep the same water in the bottle for days on end.  Between each usage, the spray bottle should be emptied, rinsed and dried.

Amongst the parrot species most prefer showers or misters to bathing.  Soft bills, Lories, Quakers may prefer birdbaths, while African Greys enjoy both equally.

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