As temperatures soar and days lengthen, it's crucial to help our winged companions stay cool and comfortable. Here's a guide to ensuring your bird's well-being during hot summer months, emphasizing the importance of proper bathing, a key aspect of avian summer care.

Ensuring a Comfortable Environment

  • Shade and Air Circulation: Keep your bird's cage in an area with good airflow, shielded from direct sunlight. Use curtains or blinds to block intense sun while still letting in light.
  • Hydration Stations: Always provide fresh, clean water for drinking. Place several water sources around to encourage drinking.
  • Chilled Snacks: Offer your bird cool (not frozen) fruits and vegetables, especially those high in water content like cucumbers and melons, for hydration and enjoyment.
  • Gentle Airflow: A fan can help circulate air around the cage, but avoid direct drafts that can stress birds.
  • Mist for Comfort: Gently misting your bird with water on hot days can provide relief and mimic their natural habitat. Ensure the mist is fine to avoid soaking the feathers.


Bathing: Key to Summer Care

  • Regular Baths: Increase bath frequency in summer, preferably in the mornings to allow feathers to dry before cooler evenings.
  • Bath Options: Provide a shallow dish with lukewarm water for self-bathing. Observe if your bird prefers this or bathing in their drinking water.
  • Spray Bottles: For birds that enjoy it, use a clean spray bottle with room-temperature water for a gentle shower effect.
  • Safety During Bathing: Always supervise bath time and ensure your bird is dry before nightfall.
  • Variety in Bathing: Offer different bathing methods and observe your bird's preference.
  • Safe Water: Use clean, dechlorinated water for baths to protect their skin and feathers.


Enhancing Bath Time with Nature's Nest Feather Sprays

Our range of feather sprays - Aloe Vera, Lavender, Spearmint, and Eucalyptus - are designed to enrich your bird's summer bathing experience while nurturing their plumage and skin.

  • Aloe Vera Spray: Ideal for dry skin, this hydrating spray promotes a healthy feather sheen.
  • Lavender Spray: Offers calming effects, perfect for relaxation after a busy day or before sleep.
  • Spearmint Spray: Refreshes and energizes, providing a cooling sensation during bath time.
  • Eucalyptus Spray: Supports respiratory health and offers protection against summer pests.


Using Nature's Nest Feather Sprays:

  • Optimal Timing: Apply during your bird's usual bath time, preferably in the morning.
  • Application Technique: Spray from about 30 centimeters away for a light and even mist.
  • Watch for Reactions: Observe how your bird responds to each scent and adjust accordingly.
  • Freshness is Key: Shake the bottle before use to blend the natural ingredients.
  • Moderation: Use the sprays sparingly to avoid overwhelming your bird.
  • Please note our sprays are not to be used as a medical treatment, if your bird plucks its feathers the underlying factors like an unbalanced diet, etc should be considered. 

In conclusion, summer care for birds involves creating a cool environment, offering frequent baths, and being vigilant for signs of heat stress. Nature's Nest Feather Sprays add a touch of luxury to this care routine, each with unique benefits: Aloe Vera for moisturizing, Lavender for calming, Spearmint for revitalization, and Eucalyptus for respiratory health and pest prevention. Integrating these sprays into your bird's summer care ensures a harmonious blend of enjoyment and health, allowing them to thrive in the warm season.