What is Cropfresh?

Cropfresh – an acidifying agent which is a natural product to ensure a healthy environment for your feathered friend’s crop.


Humans and mammals have well-developed salivary glands which secretes saliva during the process of chewing. The saliva contains enzymes which initiates the digestion of food.   

In contrast birds have very poorly developed salivary glands and they don’t chew their food to the extent of humans and mammals. They just bite the food pieces in to smaller pieces to swallow. They have a crop that serves as a storage compartment for their food before it enters further in the digestive tract.  In the crop there is very little enzyme activity.  Due to this the crop contents can create an unfavourable environment if there is an abundance of unwanted bacteria, yeast and flagellates.   

Unfortunately a large percentage of seeds in South Africa are contaminated with unwanted organisms such as bacteria and fungi which can result in an unfavourable overgrowth in the crop. In turn this can lead to your feathered friend to develop an infection in the crop or elsewhere in the body.   

Cropfresh is a natural citrus extract which allows acidification of the crop content which creates an unfavourable environment for the unwanted organisms to cease from overgrowth. It is important to ensure that you only buy good quality, healthy and clean seeds for those who want to feed a seed diet as an acidifying agent like Cropfresh can sometimes not be enough to prevent illness.   

Always remember to ask your bird seed supplier for an Aflatoxin report to ensure that you don’t feed something harmful to your bird.   

We recommend that adding 3ml (a bit more than half a teaspoon) Cropfresh to your feathered friend’s drinking water once a week. Our Cropfresh comes in 100ml so a bottle should last you a month.  

At Nature’s Nest we firmly believe prevention is better than cure so Cropfresh is a product that we recommend as part of your parrot’s normal diet program.  

You can buy Cropfresh on our online shop, here is the link to the product: https://naturesnest.co.za/products/crop-fresh-100ml