Maize and Beetroot Sticks

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Maize and Beetroot Sticks


This product consists out of heat treated grind maize, bran, zeolite and apple concentrate which is shaped into a 6 mm pellet.  This bigger pellet gives variety in appearance which emphasise our old philosophy “Food must be soft on the eye as well as tasty.”

Ingredients: Maize, beetroot , bran, zeolite and apple concentrate.

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Which product?

Our feeding guidelines apply to all food products in our range. It should be adapted to the needs of individual birds.

What ingredients do we use?

We use only the best quality ingredients and no artificial flavours, preservatives, colours or animal protein is added.

Who did our formulation?

Our pellets are carefully formulated by the top vets in South Africa to provide a balanced, nutritious, and convenient diet.